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Poultry Worming

Poultry Worming- Chickens, like other birds can be infected with worms. Chickens spend a lot of time on the ground foraging and eating invertebrates such as earthworms which puts them at high risk. Chicken worms will generally cause problems in three ways: Ascaridia and Capillaria live in the gastrointestinal tract and can cause diarrhoea and […]


Anal Glands

Anal gland problems are very commonly seen by us at Rosevean Veterinary Practice and can have a marked negative effect on dogs who can become quiet and subdued due to the irritation. There are two glands situated just inside the anus that are naturally used to identify individuals and mark territory in wild canines and […]


Parrot Nutrition at Rosevean Vets

Here at Rosevean Veterinary Practice we know that Parrot nutrition is very important for our companion birds. Our knowledge of what they need is constantly improving. Dietary preferences are common and many parrots form an addiction to seed -refusing to eat other diets. These preferences can be altered but often take months. Parrot specific complete […]


Hyperthyroidism-  This is a condition where cats produce excess metabolic hormone, and if often affects older cats (95% are >10 years old). Symptoms can include: weight loss increased appetite increased drinking and urination behaviour changes poor coat quality and unkept fur diarrhea or defecation outside the litter box high blood pressure and heart rate enlargement […]

Vaccinations for Cats and Dogs

Vaccinations for Cats and Dogs – Here at Rosevean Veterinary Practice in Penzance, we vaccinate against the most important diseases but try to use as few vaccinations as possible as infrequently as possible. Why do we vaccinate? Vaccinations decrease the risk of animals contracting potentially fatal diseases. A full health check is also given at […]

Staff charity cycle ride

On Sunday 27th September Rosevean staff will be cycling the camel trail in support of the XLVets charity challenge. To celebrate 10 years of XLVets the challenge was set to travel “around the world” using any non engine powered means possible, a total of 23,605.63 miles. To achieve this every XLVet practice has been set […]