Adder snake in grass Adder awareness is essential for all dog owners. An adult adder is around 50-60cm long and is characterised by having a black/brown zigzag pattern along it’s back. They are commonly found on dry sandy heaths, sand dunes, rocky hillsides, moorland and woodland edges.

An adder will bite if disturbed or attacked and it’s bite will result in local swelling that is often dark coloured. You may be able to see two small puncture wounds in the centre of the swelling. Your dog will show signs of pain and if not treated, bites can be fatal.

If you suspect that your dog has been bitten by this common British snake, do not panic but seek veterinary attention quickly. If the surgery is closed, call the emergency number (01736 362215). Carry your dog rather than letting him walk to reduce the spread of venom around the body. With the correct treatment most dogs will recover.