How to identify signs of skin conditions

This video shows you how to perform an examination of your pet in order to check for signs of skin infection.

How to give a dog or cat a tablet

This video shows you how to give your pet a tablet.

How to clip your pet’s claws

This video shows you how to safetly clip your pet's claws.

How to clean your pet’s ears and apply drops

This video shows you how to safetly clean your pet's ears and apply ear drops.

How to check for fleas

This video shows you how to check your pet for fleas.

How to bandage an Injury

This video demonstrates how to apply a simple bandage to your pet in order to take them to the vets.
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Staff charity cycle ride.

On Sunday 27th September Rosevean staff will be cycling the camel trail in support of the XLVets charity challenge. To celebrate 10 years of XLVets the challenge was set to travel "around the world" using any non engine powered means possible,…
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Adult adders are around 50-60cm long and are characterised by having a black/brown zigzag pattern along their back. They are commonly found on dry sandy heaths, sand dunes, rocky hillsides, moorland and woodland edges. If disturbed or attacked…


May we remind you of the dangers of leaving your dog alone in a car on a hot day. A car can become as hot as an oven very quickly, even when it doesn't feel that warm. When it is 22 degrees outside, in a car it can reach an unbearable 47…


As of January 2015 we have staff on site 24/7 caring for hospitalised pets. At Rosevean we have always been proud to provide our own out of hours emergency service, here at Rosevean House, with our own vets.  We feel this continuity is important…