Horse grazing on grass

Equine – Spring Warning!

Spring is in the air; the flowers are blooming and the trees and paddocks are turning a lovely shade of green. Sadly, it can also mean hidden dangers for your horse.

The warmer weather and rain brings an increase in grass growth coinciding with an increase in turn out and so it is vital that you manage your horse’s intake. Horses are usually fed hay and hard feed over the winter to keep weight on and therefore most horses come out of the winter looking rather well. The microbiota (gut bacteria) of horses are highly susceptible to changes in diet and if disrupted can lead to diarrhoea or soft droppings. Therefore, a gradual introduction to grazing is recommended to reduce the risk of abnormal faeces or colic.  Consumption of grass can be a risk factor for laminitis due to the sugar levels although care with any high sugar food should be undertaken.

Please monitor your horse’s faeces for changes in consistency and frequency, and for any signs of lameness.

Horse grazing on grass

If you are at all worried, please contact us on 01736 362215 – PREVENTION IS BETTER THEN CURE!