Equine Worming

brown horse looking into lens

Excessive Equine Worming within the horse population has led to a growing resistance problem.

This has manifested with some wormers only having a 10% efficacy in most horses in the UK. It is therefore essential that the problem is tackled and the first step is to start intelligent targeted worming by collecting faeces for a worm egg count.

Whether to treat or not can then be discussed with your veterinary surgeon hopefully leading to a reduction in the risk of resistance, damage to the environment but also saving money in the long term. With intelligent targeted worming most owners can dramatically reduce their wormer use throughout the year.

So, if you are thinking of worming your horse then STOP, collect a ball of faeces and have it assessed. Hopefully your horse will be one of the 80-90% of horses that don’t need worming regularly.

Horse Faeces in lumps

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