At Rosevean we have vets with a special interest in treating exotic animals as well as domestic species.

We provide care for species ranging from mammals (rabbits rodents and ferrets), reptiles (tortoises, lizards and snakes), birds (parrots, poultry, passerines and raptors) and amphibians.

Our Services include:

  • General examination and husbandry advice for new pets

  • Routine health checks

  • Rabbit vaccinations

  • Preventative healthcare

  • Microchipping

  • Routine and emergency rabbit and rodent dental care

  • Radiography

  • Laboratory investigations, including blood, urine and faecal analysis. This is done either in-house or is sent to specialist laboratories.

  • Anaesthesia for surgery and diagnostic procedures

  • Tailored hospitalisation for the needs of exotic species

We provide veterinary care for Paradise Park, a local bird park which is involved in the conservation of many parrots and soft bills.

Please check out our Fact Sheets below.

For more information please contact our Reception Team on 01736 362215.