Have you noticed that your old friend is getting a bit slower? Are they not jumping up to greet you, struggling to get on the sofa, having to be lifted into the car or not wanting regular walks?

Your pet may well be suffering from osteoarthritis (OA).
This occurs when the cartilage within the joint is progressively destroyed leading to decreased function (movement) of the joint, thickening of the tissue around the joint, inflammation and pain. This can be due to slow deterioration over years or associated with the site of previous injuries.

Unfortunately, the associated inflammation perpetuates the destructive changes leading to a vicious circle. Cartilage has no blood supply and, therefore, a limited capacity to repair itself so needs some help. Treating early when signs are just beginning is the best way to slow progression and achieve maximum benefit.
Treatment follows the “Holy Trinity” of: Control pain and inflammation 
Modify exercise
 Weight management

REMEMBER: Arthritis can affect any pet: dog, cat, rabbit, chinchilla, hamster, parrot etc. Some younger animals can also be affected so it isn’t always related to age.
Therefore, if you have any concerns or queries, please book an appointment to see one of our vets who would happy to discuss diagnosis, treatment and management for your pet.