Puppy Parties

puppy looking at camera

New Puppy?

Why not book in for one of our Puppy Parties for information, socialisation and an opportunity to meet other new puppy owners.

Puppy parties are informal get together for owners and their puppies. They allow the puppies to socialise with other puppies and people in a safe enviroment. Socialisation at a young age will help puppies grow in to happy adult dogs.

Puppy parties at Rosevean are run over a period of three weeks with small groups of puppies. During these three sessions our vets and nurses will talk to you about worming, flea treatment, neutering, vaccination and other pet healthcare topics. There are also lots of fun games for your puppy and you during each session.

Each puppy that attends a puppy party will receive a graduation certificate !!

Telephone a member of our Reception Team on 01736 362215 for more information.